Accidents at home can sometimes be unavoidable, especially when a family has active young kids and members with sight limitations. Accidents happen even with small things and household furniture all the time. But the thing we always try to avoid are accidents involving large fixtures, such as, well the largest door in the house: the garage door. Doors and locks present a big problem in busy homes. Kids break doors, break locks, lock themselves out of of the house. The bigger the door, the harder it is for a locksmith or a door contractor to break back in. My hometown of Queens is one of New York’s residential capitals. This is where most single-unit town homes are. Most people here reside in town homes with garages and a minimum of 5 doors in their homes, hence the consistent demand for garage door and lockout services. Thus, here are a few tips on how to keep your home's doors and locks under control and safe as can be.

  1. Children must be educated that garage door openers and door locks are not toys to play with – Let us admit it, garage door keys and remotes are fun to play with and so are locks. kids love it when they can make something move with just a push of a button. They also love swinging on door knobs and playing with the locking mechanisms. Just last week my door knob and bathroom locks broke due to my kid always trying to break into the room when the door was locked. kids have to be aware that these are giant doors that can cause serious injuries. They also have to be aware that in areas like Queens, a locksmith, key replacement, garage door contractor, or a lockout service is quite expensive. You do not have to be gruesome in telling them what injuries can happen, but make it clear that you only do not want them to get hurt, so they might as well play with the safe things only.

  2. No one should pass by a moving garage door – Whether dad is closing or opening it, no one should be walking or staying under it while it is rolling. The rollers of the garage door tracks can get loose anytime; the possibility may be little, but considering the severity of possible injury, nobody should take the risk. Garage doors are the biggest and heaviest doors in the house as we want to make sure are valuables are locked away safely in the garage room. You would not even want a toe to be stuck under a garage so stay away while the door is moving to keep your parts intact.

  3. Do proper maintenance and ensure that the garage, front, back, and side door are working properly – Some accidents occur just because simple issues were not addressed right away. Always make sure that the doors and locks are functioning properly. It is not only the parents who are able to operate the door. The children can open and close it up too, and once a track gets loose and one side of the door falls down, this can cause serious physical injuries at home. Know the importance of regular and thorough maintenance and save your family from injuries due to disregarded issues.

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Nobody wants to get caught an accident with any sized door. Though meager and funny as it may seem, this is actually serious matter families need to be concerned about. A lot of accidents in the home are due to issues that are either overlooked of intentionally disregarded. A huge fixture like a garage door or a massive front door is not something we can neglect. Although doors are easy to operate, it does not mean that we should discount the possibilities of injury at home. Kid's can easily lock themselves in cars or rooms of a house and cause a frenzy. Hence, keep these pointers in mind and make sure that you maintain a safe home.

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Written By Bobby Rose: on 10/13/2013. A contributor for Safe Home Door & Lock & Burchett Door & Lock