We sometimes wonder what a professionals work day is really like. If you build garages for a living then you may wonder how a locksmith spends his day. If you build homes you may wonder what it's like to be a plumber for  a day. In heavily populated areas like my home town of Queens, NY a locksmith can do a whole lot to keep busy. Queens has the fourth largest population in the Unites States after all. The locksmith provides us with a specific kind of service. It’s more than simply installing, maintaining, or repairing various kinds of locks on  doors. The service ranges from your standard key lock all the way to the more sophisticated biometric lock. Locksmith services range from managing commercial, industrial, emergency, and residential solutions. Each field require different kinds of training and levels of skill. Below are a few in-depth explanations of different kinds of service you can expect from a local locksmith.


This is the most common kind of service provided by locksmiths. In Queens for example there are various reasons why you’d want somebody to work on all the locks, doors, and openers in your home; security being the top reason. Of course you’d want your home to have proper locks in all possible areas of entry; you definitely want to keep your family and property safe. Locksmiths are often asked for extra security measures, duplicate keys, and lock installations all around the house including safes. Never be stingy on your doors and locks as these are the first measure of security in your home. Only deal with quality door and lock brands like Simpson Door, Mul-T-Lock, Kwikset, and Therma-Tru.


Another common situation wherein the services of a locksmith are highly appreciated, getting locked out of your own car can bring about all sorts of problems. The typical locksmith has a working knowledge on several kinds of locks in all kinds of makes and models of vehicles. They’ll get your car open without leaving any damage on it. The goal is to keep things as convenient and hassle-free as possible. When this occurs an auto locksmith should be called immediately.

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Got a business or establishment you want to keep safe, better invest in good security and good security starts with locks. Make sure your automated or sliding doors in your business are completely guarded with the highest quality locks. The key to a successful business is having a good location with a lot of foot traffic, but a place that is highly visible also means it is a convenient place to rob. To deter any would-be burglars, you’ll definitely want to consult a specialist. Locksmiths in Queens responding to burglary calls is a phenomenon that is becoming way too popular in Queens and the rest of the NYC boroughs. Be it a school, jewelry store, restaurant, or flower shop, no matter how simple or complex your establishment is you’d absolutely want to invest in sturdy locks in strategic locations around your area. A locksmith will also help you with detailing multiple access points allowing differing levels of access depending on your staff through the use of different keys, biometric scans, etc.


Ever been locked out of your own house/office/safe? Ever close the door to your automobile or home only to find out that it is locked? It happens to everybody at least once and leads to a lot of grief from all sorts of directions. In my local town of Queens, a locksmith is only seconds away 24 hours a day seven days a week as their are many lock & door companies and the competition is high. It is safe to assume this is how it is in all areas in the United states. These 24/7 locksmith services also happen to be exactly what you need should you ever need to replace all your locks or doors in short notice due to a burglary or an accident.

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Written By Bobby Rose: A contributor for Safe Home Door & Lock & Burchett Door & Lock

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